Join Our Team

This event is made possible by our incredible group of dedicated volunteers. This tight knit community of people come from gyms all across the region. We have spots open in all types of work that include our operations team, medical staff, judges team, and equipment team.

We honestly couldn’t do this without the volunteers who are truly the heartbeat of the competition. With that we try our absolute best to make sure you are taken care of. This includes meals on all 3 days of competition, swag from our sponsors, and official Event Staff gear.

Come join our team and be a part of the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge.

Volunteer Registration is NOT yet open for 2020.

Contact us with any issues!


Operations Team


This is the bread and butter of the Event Team. Our Operations Team controls all day of operations including athlete check in, crowd control, spectator entry, volunteer management, etc.

This is really the team that keeps everything running smooth, ensuring that both athletes and spectators can experience the event to its fullest.


Judges Team


We take an enormous amount of pride in the professionalism of our Judges Team. They do an outstanding job and making sure competition is fair, and the standards are met to our high expectations. This team does have some requirements, as we again take a lot of pride in fair competition for all athletes competing. In order to be on the judges team, you will have to show some experience in judging competitions before, as well as having completed the CrossFit Judges Course.

A CrossFit Level 1 Certification is preferred, not required. However if you would like to judge the Individual or Elite Team competition, then this becomes a requirement.

- CrossFit Judges Course Completed

- CrossFit Level 1 Certification (preferred, required for Judging Individual and Elite Team Division)



Medical Staff


Safety is a number one priority for us, and our Medical Staff of professionals is up to the task every single year. Whether it is treating athletes in between workouts, dealing with a tore up hand from the pull-up bar, or being ready for something more serious…our team is prepared.

We fill our ranks every year with all types of professionals including PTs, Trainers, Chiropractors, EMTs, etc.


Equipment Crew


This is the job that you get to wear the hard hat. Setting up a competition of this size takes a solid crew that likes to build stuff. Whether it is setting up the pullup rig on the main floor, building walls outside, or building the entire floor layout, these people do it all.

The equipment crew is one of the hardest working groups of people every single year, but probably no better feeling than sitting back after a long day Friday and watching the fitness go down on the massive event you just helped build.

No requirements here, but experience operating machinery like fork lifts, scissor lifts, driving trailers, etc is always helpful. We could always use the hands here and would love to have you!

Word on the street is you get a customized event Hard Hat this year…just sayin.