Our Vision

Competition Breeds Growth.


When starting this competition back in 2012, I have to be honest in saying that there was never a thought or goal to be a sanctioned event for the Reebok CrossFit Games®. The “elite” competitors were a very small portion to the overall landscape of the event plans. I wanted to develop an event that I thought the region needed, something that was on everyone’s calendar each year. Not only did I want a place that would test athletes fitness, but wanted an event that brought people out of their gym to join others from the surrounding community in hopes that it would strengthen the greater fitness community in the region.

The idea of treating each and every athlete, regardless of division like they are a professional athlete has always been the main focus. This idea of competition and respect for fellow athletes has bred a connection that transcends the walls of the gym. Watching those connections grow between members of the greater fitness community has been incredible.


Luke Espe


We always say that competition brings athletes to new heights, finding a level of fitness they didn’t know they had. While I agree whole heartedly in that, I believe this goes for any task outside of that comfort zone. I am blown away every year by the dedication and pride that not only the athletes have, but that the volunteers and staff have in putting this competition on each year.

This event is impossible to run without the dedication of the group of volunteers that come out and sacrifice their time to be apart of something that the entire community benefits from. Again I am blown away by this each and every year, and couldn’t be more thankful for everyone that has a hand in making this event possible.

2019 will bring some major changes to the landscape of the event, but we are still very serious in holding true to our mission and traditions. Stoked to show the world what this event and its people are about.

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Core Staff


Luke E.

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