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Better Now: How CrossFit Royalty helps members realize their potential

Better Now: How CrossFit Royalty helps members realize their potential

Pete Helberg, owner of CrossFit Royalty in Tropper, PA  began his CrossFit journey as an unassuming graduate assistant. He may have had different goals upon finishing his degree in Exercise Science, but it ended up lending itself to opening up an affiliate.  

“I thought I was pretty fit,” Pete recalls, explaining his first official foray into CrossFit. His first workout had been a combination of rowing, push-ups and air squats, likely not much different than many other first-timers baseline-style workouts.  “I realized I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was,” he laughed.

That was nearly six years ago. Since then, Pete has not only seen a personal improvement in his overall health, he has fully invested in helping others do the same at his affiliate, CrossFit Royalty.

The goal of CrossFit Royalty from the beginning was to offer programming open to all levels with a very close-knit family feel. Not only does this keep the training environment positive for athletes of all levels, but it also helps foster a community of accountability-buddies.

“We strive to help everyone meet their individual and collective goals,” Pete explained. “We work with people individually and understand what they want to get out of their hour at the gym each day.”

Making every member experience a positive one, whether it’s their first day or fifth year is a driving force in the culture at CrossFit Royalty. Although workouts are challenging and may not be “fun” or “easy” at the moment, Helberg (similar to many affiliate owners) believes fitness should be a beneficial experience.

“I get so much joy and take great pride in knowing our gym is helping improve our members live a better life,” he says.

The family atmosphere is figurative and literal for CrossFit Royalty. The CrossFit Kids program continues to grow, building the future of fitness.

“It is humbling to see the 3-year-olds watching their parents workout and instilling values of health and wellness at such a young age,” Helberg notes.

Regardless of your age or time involved with CrossFit, Helberg and his staff continue to build upon the idea that starting where you are, and working towards where you want to be; a perfect proposition for members and for running a successful business.

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