DC food the Territory way

The official meal prep company of the MACC, and DC natives, Territory Foods, share their top pics for the DC food experience from an athletes perspective.


As you can imagine, our friends at Territory take food very seriously, and when they aren’t eating their own meals, they make it their business to know where the best healthy (and delicious) food spots are in the city. So, they’ve pulled together a few of their local faves so your MACC weekend is properly fueled:

Glen’s Garden Market. Just down the street from the MACC official hotel, is this amazing little spot.They do a great job supporting local food businesses and stock their shelves with delicious/healthy gems you likely won’t find elsewhere. They also have an incredible hot bar, plenty of seating and local beers/wines you can enjoy on their porch.

Bareburger. Just a little farther down the road you’ll find this burger haven with lots of hearty and delicious salad options, too. They can accommodate dietary restrictions and are transparent around preparation, sourcing and quality.

Filter. “But Territory, I literally can’t function unless I’ve had my coffee.” Well, you’re in luck. DC is a city of overachievers with significant caffeine addictions. You have coffee options in the hotel, and at Glen’s, but you may also want to check out Filter. You won’t find WiFi here but the coffee is very legit. It’s in the basement of a row home (of course it is) and you will find people there who take their joe very seriously.

Rise Bakery. Last but not least, a treat-yo-self option. This amazing gluten-free bakery is just up the street from the hotel and is a must stop if you appreciate baked goods sans gluten, or really just if you appreciate baked goods. Guys, we’re talking croissants, cinnamon rolls, bagels and cupcakes.

Be sure to also visit the Territory crew throughout the weekend, they’ll be set up in the Athlete Village.