Team Options to Qualify for the 2020 Mid Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge


The 2020 Mid Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge will have a total of 40 slots for Elite Teams, 60 slots RX Teams, and 60 slots for Scaled Teams. How those slots are broken down, and how to qualify can be found below.





Option 1 - Top 30 Teams from the Mid Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge Online Qualifier


Option 2 - 2019 MACC Podium Winners


Option 3 - Remaining Spots for Teams in the Top 10 at the 2019 CrossFit Games


How the Elite Division will work will be simple. We will give the top 30 Teams in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge Online Qualifier a spot for the Main Event. The 3 podium teams from the 2019 MACC will also be sent a slot to the Team Captain of those teams. Whether the team is the same 4 athletes or not, that Team Captain has a spot at the 2020 MACC to bring whatever team they decide on. The remaining spots at the Main Event will be filled by teams that placed in the Top 10 at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games®.





Both RX and Scaled Team Divisions will work the same way, and there will be two ways of getting a slot at the Main Event.


Option 1 - Place in the Top 15 of the 2020 Mid Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge Online Qualifier


Option 2 - The remaining 45 slots will be chosen through a lottery out of teams that completed the MACC Online Qualifier.


Qualifying the Top 15 through the MACC OQ is simple enough, the Top 15 in the Online Qualifier for both Divisions will have earned their spot to compete at the Main Event. The remaining 45 slots in both divisions will be filled via a lottery system.

The reason for the lottery system is this. Our event promotes community, competition, and striving to do something you might not have thought possible. We want as many teams, and as many CrossFit® Affiliates to be part of that as possible, which is why we increased the number of total teams this year. We also want to share the distribution of teams to represent as many regions and gyms as possible, thus the lottery system. Our algorithm for the lottery allows everyone to have the chance to compete on the big stage, to be treated like athletes in the Elite Division. It also rewards those in the Top 15 with an automatic slot.

While this system might develop scrutiny amongst some, we have found it is the best way for our event to serve the CrossFit® community by allowing a wide range of diversity, and not having an overload of teams from any particular area or gym.

Again, we feel as though every Athlete and Team deserves a shot at competing at the Main Event, and this is how we decided to deliver that possibility.



If you have any questions regarding the qualifying process for the 2020 Mid Atlantic CrossFit® Challenge please use the link below to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!