CrossFit DC: "This is what we wanted to do"

Daily workout highlights from CrossFit DC ( source:   CrossFit DC )

Daily workout highlights from CrossFit DC (source: CrossFit DC)

Established in 2005, CrossFit DC was the first affiliates in the Mid-Atlantic Region, specifically the Nations capital. Tom Brose had found CrossFit in the early 2000’s and experienced the affiliate culture after visiting Costa Mesa, California where Greg Glassman originally started training. From then on, Brose and his team decided, “This is what we wanted to do.” ⁣

⁣Using the original philosophy of “start small and grow” CrossFit DC began as a modest endeavor, utilizing whatever equipment they had and training in a back alley of Brose’s office. From there, they were able to move in to a personal training studio. When growth continued, the gym moved to an old church- which is currently the CrossFit Balance location. Finally, CrossFit DC found its home where they are today, on U Street.

As the sport of CrossFit continues to evolve and businesses continue to meet the overwhelming desire for honest health-focused fitness facilities, CrossFit DC has been there to meet those needs.

“We have members who have been around over 10 years. Some of our coaches started as athletes and are still with us,” Brose explains.

Although DC is such a transient city, Brose, his staff, and members continue to focus on the community aspect within the affiliate. Members may come and go, but the goal remains the same- help others establish healthy habits and enjoy their time working out. Even after nearly 13 years, CrossFit DC continues to bring like-minded people together; which is an infectiously positive atmosphere to be around. It is likely something that will continue for years to come. It’s safe to say Brose was right, it’s not only what he wanted to do, it is now what he was meant to do.