The Power of the Affiliate


The sport of fitness thrives off of the community surrounding it. While everyones training journey starts a little different, chances are, they have been in an affiliate at some point in time.

The camaraderie within CrossFit and its affiliates is unmistakable. There’s a sense of togetherness; a crazy idea that a group of people are willing to sweat, suffer, and cheer you on through a workout, that has worked in nearly 15,000 locations around the world.

For the 2019 season, we wanted to shine a light on some of the facilities in the Mid-Atlantic that have been a part of the MACC for multiple years. Owning an Affiliate and cultivating a microcosm to the global CrossFit® brand is sometimes a lofty task. Not to mention the daily business and up-keep responsibilities that keep gyms running.

To highlight some of the unsung heroes in the industry, we’re featuring a handful of Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Owners in the MACC Online Qualifier videos. Whether they’re the face of the gym, or silently lead their staff to success- we wanted to hear a little bit more about their journey. You’ll get the chance to learn more as the Individual and Team qualifiers continue.

While competitive CrossFit® continues to grow and evolve, it is always important to remember the collective goal of the sport: to build a global coalition of healthier individuals that effectively meet (and exceed) the demands of everyday life.

These businesses have the ability to change lives, to impact the community, and to help others in a way that no regular gym can do. And while some numbers may be impressive on the leaderboard, what CrossFit has done for many of us is likely not as easily quantifiable; and that is the true power of the affiliate.

We’d love to hear your affiliate stories. Feel free to share in the comments!

Thank you to the following affiliates for letting us drop-in. Look for a more in-depth look at these gyms as the MACC qualifiers continue:

CrossFit Athletics
CrossFit DC
CrossFit OldTown
CrossFit ReVamped
CrossFit Royalty
CrossFit West Springfield
R.A.W Training